ACC YN Program

1) A Foreign Currency Country to Banknote Match. Youth earn (win) free foreign currency to begin/build a collection of World Banknotes. There are 34 notes to be matched. Each correct answer after the first six, earns the youngster one piece of foreign currency.
2) America the Beautiful Quarter Trivia (National Parks). Youth can earn and build a collection of the quarters affixed to information cards. All coins are P Mints and beginning in 2012 S Mint. They have a choice of P or S from 2012-2017, with the most current one being Ellis Island.
3) Treasures In Your Pocket - An interactive youth/family hands-on program where youth can learn about error coinage and even search through a few rolls of coins to see if they can find an example of: Large & Small 1960-D cent, a minor clip coinage, a fifth finger on a 2009 Lincoln cent early years, off center or broad struck coin, etc. This program concept was developed by ANA Educator, Sam Gelbard with the activity text sheets developed by of Walt Ostromecki, ANA PP.
4) A ten stop coin treasure hunt with a treasure trivia question visiting 9 dealers on the bourse floor. Coins affixed to information cards with a question and answer sheet. Each stop will have a identification marker for the Treasure Hunter to spot, along with a check off list and place to write trivia question answer. Treasure Hunt coinage attached to info cards includes: Wheat-back Lincoln cent, 1943 Steel cent, 1944-46 Shell casing Lincoln cent, 2009 (1 of 4 types) Lincoln cent, Elongated Lincoln cent with design, V-nickel, Buffalo nickel, Westward Series nickel (1of 4 types), Mercury dime, the most current 2017-S Mint AMB Quarter, plus a bonus coin for all correct trivia answers --a 2017-P Mintmark Lincoln cent. Also, a multitude of informational free materials, books, as well as ANA membership information.

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